In-House Services

Custom Coating Design • Prototype Development • OEM Production

Optical Fabrication • Environmental Testing (Humidity & Temperature)


Electron Beam with Ion-Assist

Low Temperature AR Deposition
Enhanced Metals for the IR

Primarily Electron Beam

High Reflectors • Anti-Reflection
Band Pass Filters • FLIR
Long Wave Pass Filters
Short Wave Pass Filters
Non-Polarizing Beam Splitters

Metals-Resistance Boats
& Electron Beam

Neutral Density Filters
Non-Polarizing Metallic Beam Splitters


Perkin Elmer 1050 with URA 8-70 degrees
Shimadzu UV3101 with large optics module. Measure up to %T of 12”x12”
Perkin Elmer Frontier and GX Optical with 12, 16, 22, 30, 45, 55 degree attachments